An Endangered Indian Language Gets a Lifeline

Historically Jesuits have often made a name for themselves as pioneers and explorers in various fields of scientific enterprise and human development; and our own Campion Hall Jesuit, Vijay D’Souza, is combining the modern with the traditional in devoting his Oxford linguistic PhD studies to preserving and promoting the native language of a remote Indian people in the Hima- layan foothills.

Annual Garden Party Enjoyed by All

As Trinity Term came to a close, the Hall was pleased to host its annual Garden Party. 

Guests mingled and chatted under a clear sky and amidst the vibrant colors of the Hall green. Many visitors look forward to the Party each year as a highlight of the Oxford summertime social calendar; others were excited to be coming to the Hall for the very first time, visiting friends, colleagues, or teachers from the previous year. 

Thanks to Hall member Alejandro Olayo-Mendez, SJ, for the kind permission to use the photographs below. 


Theological imaginaries and models of development (Registration available)

Theological imaginaries and models of development: A reflexive workshop

Campion Hall, Oxford
Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 1.30-5.30pm


A large proportion of development actors in Latin America are inspired by their Catholic faith and act through Catholic institutions.  At the same time, Latin America has been the site of plural Catholic theologies with explicit social and political implications.  This exploratory workshop aims to understand how distinct theological imaginaries shape models of social action (and vice versa).


Visiting Georgetown Artist Exhibits Work

During the past term, the Hall had the distinct pleasure of hosting Prof. John Morrell of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Prof. Morrell is a working artist specializing in watercolor landscapes; during his time in Oxford John worked on a number of on-site studies of the local environs in preparation for a larger exhibit in America in the coming months. The image (left) is one of those studies: A view of the Thames at Oxford, known as the Isis. 


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