Fare ye well! The Hall bids regretful goodbyes

It will be difficult to think of Campion Hall without Rev'd Nick (Nicholas) King, SJ, so central and respected a figure has he become in the Jesuit and university communities. Yet he has done much more than be an Oxford don.

Having read Greats at St John’s before entering the Jesuit Order, he later returned to take an MPhil in Early Judaism at the Oriental Institute, following that by teaching New Testament studies at Heythrop College and then in seminaries and universities in South Africa for several years.

The D’Arcy Lectures 2014

"Good will is not enough: is there a gap in Kant’s ethics?"

By Professor George Sans SJ, Gregorian University, Rome, 2nd and 4th June 2014

The Martin D’Arcy Memorial Lectures are an annual series established by Campion Hall in 1976 to be delivered, usually by a fellow Jesuit, in honour of the celebrated Master of the Hall from 1933-45.

From The Master: Michaelmas Term 2014

Like the other Permanent Private Halls (PPHs) of the University, Campion Hall is subject to a regular visitation by a University Supervisory Committee; and in preparation for its visitation every PPH submits a self-evaluation to the Committee beforehand. Our next issue will report on the recent successful visitation of Campion Hall, which happily combined with a letter from the General of the Society, Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, on The Intellectual Apostolate of the Society.

From The Master: Trinity Term 2014

Welcome to Campion News, our regular newsletter beginning with this issue. In the past we have produced an occasional newsletter, but we plan to publish this one regularly, at the start of each term. We feel we have much to share with our friends, both old and hopefully new. We want to keep you informed about who we are at Campion Hall, what is happening here, and what we are achieving and aiming to achieve. We hope that reading about all this will prove interesting and enjoyable to our readers.


"'The hungry sheep look up and are not fed': the shepherds are all at a conference!" But sometimes conferences can actually be helpful; and with its modern facilities in a scholarly environment Campion Hall in Oxford is showing itself suitable and successful in hosting small select conferences. For instance, in February 2014 fourteen Jesuit Superiors of the Provinces of Western Europe gathered under the direction of the Jesuit General’s Assistant for that region, and discussed common policy topics for a few days.

Supporting Campion Hall

Campion Hall is a ministry of the Jesuits in Britain as a registered charity number 230165 (Trustees for Roman Catholic Purposes Registered). As a Permanent Private Hall of Oxford University, Campion Hall does not receive any public funding from the Government, nor from any other source. It relies totally on private financial support to meet its costs and activities.

The Hall warmly welcomes all financial donations from individuals as well as institutions
to promote its work.

Financial support can take the form of

University Praise for the Hall

"The committee was most impressed by the quality of the Hall's students, by its scholarly purposefulness and positive approach. Albeit on a small scale and notwithstanding its single-sex status, Campion Hall seemed to the Committee to provide an exemplar of how an academic community should operate. The high standard of its community based academic life, and the central place of an egalitarian ethos supporting academic endeavour were confirmed by all those whom the Committee met.".

Looking Ahead: Michaelmas Term 2014

This term look out for the Seminar with economic and financial institutions which will be led by Professor Gael Giraud, SJ, the award-winning French economist, that Campion is planning with the Las Casas Institute, Blackfriars. The subject will be Thomas Picketty's recent work, Capital in the Twenty first Century, which has aroused great interest and varied comments.

Campion Conferences: Michaelmas Term 2014

During last term the Hall was pleased to be involved in several conferences on specialised and topical subjects, which well illustrated our commitment to academic engagement with social and cultural questions. These included: an international seminar on Parenthood, Population and Family Planning; and regular meetings of the Jesuit Institute of Education series for teachers in Jesuit UK schools.


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