A New Campion Website

"We dont want just a message board", explained the recently appointed Master, Rev'd James Hanvey, SJ. "We want something fresh which will show the life and the diversity of this international academic and religious community ". And it looks as if that will be the attractive impression given by the new Campion Hall website which will be introduced early in the new year. The aim is to do justice not only to the resident academic and religious community and its activities, but also to the history of the Hall and its striking building and contents.

Campion Hall – What’s In a Name

Campion Hall University of Oxford is named after Edmund Campion, the Jesuit priest who worked underground in Elizabethan England caring spiritually for his persecuted fellow Catholics. Queen Elizabeth’s royal father, Henry VIII, had broken with the Catholic Church when the Pope refused to permit him to divorce his wife, his brother’s widow, in order to marry a second wife in the hope that she would be more successful in producing a male heir to succeed him.

Georgetown Visitors

We welcome Dr Oriana Skylar Mastro and her husband, Arzan, who will be with us during Hilary and Michaelmas terms.

She is an assistant professor of security studies at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. After graduating in East Asian Studies at Stanford, she gained her doctorate in Politics at Princeton University, and is a Fellow of several security institutions. Her current focus includes Chinese military and security policy and Asia-Pacific security issues.

Matriculations 2014

In many non-collegiate universities, the term "matriculation" refers simply to students being listed and registered with the university. In Oxford, however, a student is first accepted by a college, and then he or she is presented formally by their college to the University at a matriculation ceremony held in the Sheldonian Theatre, at which each is accepted by the University to study for an appropriate degree.

Jesuit Alumni Lunch

Just before the Christmas vacation the Hall held another lunch for Jesuit alumnae and alumni studying at the university, which was well attended and very much enjoyed by all. Maintaining their connection with the Society is something which is greatly valued by both parties. Further regular events are planned for the future, including a Holy Week retreat to be held in the Hall for our former Jesuit students.

New Secretary Appointed

It is with pleasure that we report the appointment of Sarah Gray as the new Secretary of Campion Hall. Her early working life included six years in the City of London in a small Swedish bank. Then ten years were spent in the political world, working in Westminster and doing wide ranging constituency work. Her previous roles in the University include working for the St Peter's College Foundation, and then as Executive Assistant to the former Warden of The Rhodes Trust and subsequently as part of its Development team.

From The Master: Hilary Term 2015

At the beginning of a new year and new term it is enormously gratifying and encouraging to have The Report on Campion Hall from the Supervisory Committee for the University's Permanent Private Halls (PPHs) referred to in these pages. Seven years ago, the Lucas review of all the University's PPHs commented approvingly of Campion that it provided "evidence of a strong community culture and collective relationships", adding that "there is a preoccupation with intellectual matters, and the research output of the Hall is at a good level of quality".

Fare ye well! The Hall bids regretful goodbyes

It will be difficult to think of Campion Hall without Rev'd Nick (Nicholas) King, SJ, so central and respected a figure has he become in the Jesuit and university communities. Yet he has done much more than be an Oxford don.

Having read Greats at St John’s before entering the Jesuit Order, he later returned to take an MPhil in Early Judaism at the Oriental Institute, following that by teaching New Testament studies at Heythrop College and then in seminaries and universities in South Africa for several years.

The D’Arcy Lectures 2014

"Good will is not enough: is there a gap in Kant’s ethics?"

By Professor George Sans SJ, Gregorian University, Rome, 2nd and 4th June 2014

The Martin D’Arcy Memorial Lectures are an annual series established by Campion Hall in 1976 to be delivered, usually by a fellow Jesuit, in honour of the celebrated Master of the Hall from 1933-45.


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