"The University in Society: what is it for?"

Campion Hall is pleased to host the Rev'd John Jenkins CSC, President of the University of Notre Dame, for an upcoming lecture. 

Fr Jenkins' talk--"The University in Society: What Is It For?"--will examine the purpose and place of higher education in the current cultural landsdcape. As the head of one of the leading Catholic universities in America, Jenkins' perspective is sure to shed light on this important topic. 

All are welcome to attend. Please email if you have any queries


Seven Women on Holy Saturday

31st March, 2018

Holy Saturday is a unique opportunity to reflect on the central event of Christianity. In particular, today we're required to wait for God--to patiently look forward to the victory of Easter without simply skipping over the trauma of Good Friday. This in-betweenness can be difficult, but it is an essential part of the Christian life.

Campion Senior Tutor Named University Pro-Proctor

Warm congratulations to Dr Philip Kennedy, Campion Hall's Senior Tutor, who was recently named to the position of Pro-Proctor to the University's Senior Proctor. In this capacity Dr Kennedy will support the Senior Proctor in the course of all his official duties. The Proctor's Office is responsible for reviewing, investigating, and adivising on matters related to University legislation, policy, and practice. 

Hall Ends Term with Farewell to Ex-Master

The Campion Hall community marked the end of Hilary Term 2018 last week, and in doing so had the opportunity to say farewell to one of the Hall’s most senior and distinguished members. After teaching philosophy for nearly three decades at Heythrop College in London, Rev’d Dr Gerry Hughes, SJ, led Campion Hall as Master from 1998 to 2006; he continued to tutor in philosophy at the Hall after his term as Master came to an end, and in recent years has served as a source of guidance, wit, and wisdom for all members of the Campion community.

Connecting Ecologies: Participants Look Back

In December 2017 Campion Hall hosted the 'Connecting Ecologies Symposium' in Oxford. Inspired by Laudato 'si, the Pope's encyclical on climate change, this symposium brought together politicians, theologians, ecologists, anthropologists and climate scientists for a discussion of how we might positively respond to ecological crisis.

Please enjoy this video featuring some of the conference participants discussing what they gained from the international, interdisciplinary conference. 


Treasures of the Hall: A Catalan Madonna?

The Campion Hall collection contains several sculptures of the Madonna and Child, ranging from the majestic fine metal cast of Michelangelos Bruges Madonna donated by Frank Brangwyn, to the intimate French Smiling Madonna dating from the 14th century. One which attracts particular admiration, and even devotion, is the Madonna pictured left, about which today we know almost nothing for sure. Our Curator, Prof Peter Davidson, writes:


New Students Matriculate

Campion Hall offers its best wishes to Rev Jijimon Joseph SJ (left), from the Indian Kerala Province, studying for the MSt in Syriac Studies; and to Rev Mark Aloysius SJ (right), from the Malay-Singapore Province, working for the DPhil on the political philosopher Hannah Arendt. Both are seen here with the Master as Dean of Degrees, prepraring to matriculate last term. 


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