Distinguished Lecturer Uncovers the 'Dawn of Marian Devotion'

How far back to the social roots of Marian devotion go? On the evening of 25 May (5:30 p.m.) Prof. Thomas Mathews, John Langeloth Loeb Professor Emeritus in the History of Art from New York University, deliveedr a special lecture at Campion Hall on the "Dawn of Marian Devotion". A full room of more than 40 guests enjoyed Prof Mathews expertise on the topic and engaged in a fruitful Q&A session afterwards. 

Meet a Fellow: Dr Michael Fascia

The Hall recently welcomed Dr Michael Fascia as a Visiting Research Fellow. We’re happy to share with you here a conversation we had recently with Dr Fascia about his research and current project, which sits at the intersection of Ignatian spirituality and contemporary process analysis.

Our conversation was edited for length and content.




Campion Hall: Beyond your position as a Visiting Research Fellow at Campion Hall, what sort of work are you involved with in and beyond Oxford?


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