Daniel Fung

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Daniel was a D.Phil. candidate at the University of Oxford Department of Education, where he researched into Applied Linguistics. Particularly, he investigated the strategies used by students when they are listening to the teacher in an English as a Second Language classroom context. His interest in listening stems not only from his aspirations to help students learn English in a more effective way, but also from his desire to become a good listener himself – one that truly understands the others and their needs. 

He believes, however, that apart from academic pursuits, Ignatian spirituality could also help him in becoming a genuinely good listener. He often reminds himself of the importance to listen with a discerning heart – something which he has been contemplating on since the time he studied at a Jesuit secondary school in Hong Kong and joined the Christian Life Community.


Major research interests: Language learner strategies, listening comprehension, classroom interaction in ESL / EFL contexts, English as a Medium of Instruction

Other research interests: Bilingualism, cross-linguistic influence, and vocabulary acquisition

Selected conference presentation and publications (Applied Linguistics)

  • Fung, K.T.D. (2015, June 11). Exploration of listening strategies in the classroom through a computer programme. Paper presented at Faces of English: Theory, Practice and Pedagogy conference, Hong Kong.
  • Fung, K.T.D. (2015, June 9). Listening comprehension strategies when listening to teacher during ESL classroom interaction: A qualitative exploration. Proceedings of 4th Annual International Conference on Language, Literature, and Linguistics, Singapore. (DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L315.39) (Best Student Research Paper award)
  • Fung, K.T.D. (2013, March 12). Understanding teacher codeswitching through interactionist approaches – with reference to language learner strategies. Paper presented at Students’ Ongoing Research in Education (STORIES) Conference, UK.
  • Fung, K.T.D. (2011). Sik1 Nei4 Aak1 Maa5 Wu1 – Jyu5 Sing3 San4 soeng1 jyu6 zoi6 Sai3 Cing1 [Emmaus in Sydney – Encountering the Holy Spirit in the World Youth Day]. San4 Si1 [Spirit], 90, 31-40.
  • (Since Jan 2014) Monthly contributor for Shalom – Thoughts for Prayer Journal, Xavier Publishing Association Co. Ltd., Hong Kong.