Rev'd Dr.
Hughes, SJ
Fellow in Philosophy
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In my (comparative) youth I read Greats here at Oxford (1958-62), and then taught classics in a Jesuit school for two years. After finishing my theological studies and being ordained priest in 1967, I went to the University of Michigan, on the recommendation of some of my former philosophy tutors. It was great advice, and I really enjoyed it.  I finished my DPhil in philosophy (my thesis, on Aristotle and contemporary law, had the fetching title ’Ignorance as an Excuse’!)  Back in England, I  taught in the Philosophy Department at Heythrop College, University of London from 1970—1998, when, rather to my surprise, I was sent to Campion Hall here to be Master for eight years. I am now a fellow of the College, and continue to tutor in philosophy, which I very much enjoy...

My publications include: Authority in Morals (1983), The Nature of God, 1995, A Routledge Guidebook to Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, 2001, (2nd revised edition). 2013), Is God to Blame? (2007), Fidelity without Fundamentalism (2010), and contributions to several philosophical and theological periodicals.