Visiting Research Fellow
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Reading Old English literature, Professor Kazutomo Karasawa has been a frequent visitor since 2001, when he stayed here for a year as a visiting student. He is also a sabbatical visitor for 2014-2015. He gained all his degrees at Sophia University, Tokyo, and is Professor of English Philology at Komazawa University, Tokyo. 

Select Publications:

The Old English Metrical Calendar (Menologium), Anglo-Saxon Texts 12 (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2015).

'The Prose and the Verse Menologium in the Tradition of Elementary Computistical Education in Late Anglo-Saxon England', in L. S. Chardonnens and B. Carella, eds., Secular Learning in Anglo-Saxon England: Exploring the Vernacular, Amsterdamer Beitraege zur aelteren Germanistik 69 (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2012),pp. 119-43.

'Some Problems in the Editions of the Menologium with Special Reference to Lines 81a, 184b and 206a', Notes and Queries n.s. 56.4 (2009), pp. 485-87.

'A Note on egesan ne gymeð in Beowulf Line 1757', Modern Philology 106.1 (2008), pp. 101-06.

'The Structure of the Menologium and Its Computistical Background', Studies in English Literature 84 (2007), pp. 123-41. 

'A Note on the Old English Poem Menologium 3b on ðy eahteoðan dæg', Notes and Queries n.s. 54.3 (2007), pp. 211-15.

'OE dream for Horrible Noise in the Vercelli Homilies', Studia Neophilologica 78 (2006), pp. 46-58. 

'Christian Influence on OE dream: Pre-Christian and Christian Meanings', Neophilologus 87.2 (2003), pp. 307-322.

'Christian Influence on OE freoðu: Its Pre-Christian and Christian Meanings', Studies in Medieval English Language and Literature 16 (2001), pp. 37-54.