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Mahoney, SJ
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Rev Emeritus Professor Jack (John) Mahoney SJ, Honorary Fellow, is a Jesuit priest born in the West of Scotland in 1931. He graduated from Glasgow University before training as a Jesuit in England, America and Rome, where he was awarded a doctorate in moral theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University under the supervision of Josef Fuchs SJ. He taught moral and pastoral theology for twenty years at the Jesuit Heythrop College, first in Oxfordshire and then after it transferred to London University, when he was also College Principal for five years. Moving to King's College London, he spent seven years as F. D. Maurice Professor of Moral and Social Theology, set up the  King's College Business Ethics Research Centre, founded and edited for six years the Blackwell quarterly, Business Ethics. A European Review, and was also a founder member of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) in Amsterdam. At the same time he spent six years as the Mercers' School Memorial Professor of Commerce at Gresham College, London, giving lunch time and evening courses on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility to the passing trade in Lombard Street, and serving for a year as personal Chaplain to the Lord Mayor of London, being later appointed Emeritus Professor of Gresham College. He was then appointed the first Dixons Professor of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility at London Business School, until he retired in 1998 after five years, and was appointed Emeritus Professor of Moral and Social Theology in the University of London, later being further made Honorary Doctor of Divinity. Moving to Edinburgh, he founded and directed the Lauriston Centre for Contemporary Belief and Action and taught at Edinburgh University, and a few years later he was appointed Distinguished Professor in Georgetown University, Washington D.C., to teach business ethics. He found it necessary to resign for health reasons and returned to London. Now recovered, he is Honorary Fellow of Campion Hall, Oxford University, where he is Guestmaster and edits its termly newsletter, Campion News.

Rev'd Jack Mahoney, SJ has written more than a hundred articles and chapters on theology, moral theology and various branches of applied ethics, on which he has also broadcast and lectured widely at home and abroad. He was also joint editor with E. Valance of Business Ethics in a New Europe, Kluwer, Amsterdam, 1992, and chair of the working party which produced Euthanasia and Clinical Practice; trends, principles and alternatives, Linacre Centre, London, 1982.

He is the author of the following books: Seeking the Spirit. Essays in Moral and Pastoral Theology, Sheed & Ward, London, 1981; Bioethics and Belief. Religion and Medicine in Dialogue, Sheed & Ward, London, 1984; The Making of Moral Theology. A Study of the Roman Catholic Tradition, Clarendon, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1987; Teaching Business Ethics in the UK, Europe and the USA. A Comparative Study, Athlone, London, 1990; reprinted Bloomsbury, London, 2013; The Challenge of Human Rights: Origin, Development and Significance, Blackwell, Oxford, 2007; and Christianity in Evolution. An Exploration, Georgetown University Press, Washington, D.C., 2011.

His current interests involve research in theology and applied ethics, and his leisure pursuits include membership of the Oxford Bridge Club and editing Campion News.