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Application Process

Applying for a graduate course can be confusing, so we have created an overview of the application process designed to supplement the University’s application guide, which we also strongly advise you to read.

All graduate applications are made to the University of Oxford centrally. If a department or faculty accepts your application, you will then be considered for a place at a college or hall. If you are interested in coming to Campion Hall, you will have the opportunity to choose Campion Hall as your college preference in your application form.

Campion Hall welcomes applicants from a wide variety of disciplines. Our resources are well suited to students in the Humanities and Social Science Divisions, although we are willing to  consider postgraduate applications from any of the four divisions of the University. Please see our Academic Subjects List for an idea of typical postgraduate subjects for students at Campion Hall. You can also find Campion Hall's graduate admissions page on the University website.

Process Overview

*If you are a Jesuit or a member of another religious order or congregation, we advise you to consult with your provincial or the provincial delegate responsible for education and formation before applying.

STEP 1: Choose your degree course

The University of Oxford offers an enormous range of graduate courses. You can choose the course you wish to read from the full course list.
Once you have chosen a course to study, visit the course page to check that you meet the entry requirements, including the level of English language required for international students.

STEP 2: Note the course and funding deadlines

Make sure you are aware of the deadline(s) for your course. We encourage you to apply to the earliest deadline available and to submit your application well in advance (2-3 weeks earlier is recommended).
To be considered for Oxford Scholarships, you must apply by the January deadline for your course.
Find out more about deadlines.

STEP 3: Prepare your academic references

You are required to submit a transcript, which you can obtain by contacting your university.
You are also required to submit three academic references to support your application. You should contact your potential referees as soon as you have decided to apply to a course, as this can take longer than you expect. 

STEP 4: Choose a college or hall

All graduate students at the University of Oxford are members of a college or hall. In your online application, you have the opportunity to indicate your college preference - if you don’t, the University will choose for you. Once your application is submitted, you will not be able to change your listed preference. Learn more about college preference.

If you are interested in choosing Campion Hall, please be sure to read our selection criteria below. You may also find it useful to refer to the "Is Campion Hall right for me?" page.

STEP 5: Start your application

When you are ready to apply, go to the course page of your chosen course and click “Apply” in the “How to Apply” section to access the online application system. You will then be prompted to create a graduate applicant account. Details of how to use the account can be found here.

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