A Place of Transformative Learning

The Jesuit tradition of humanistic education sees learning as transformative. It aims to help each student flourish in life and learning, readying them for their future mission in a global context. As one of the smaller graduate communities in the University of Oxford, Campion Hall offers a supportive learning environment that carefully attends to each student’s academic and non-academic needs. We offer a holistic learning experience that nourishes heart and soul as well as the mind.

Our students come from all walks of life. What they have in common is a motivation to pursue academic excellence and to use their intellect to make a positive contribution to society. If you feel Campion Hall may be right for you and would like to look at options for studying here, we would love to hear from you.

Studying Here

Life in Campion Hall

Political Science student talks about his research experience at Campion Hall

Theology student Joe talks about his learning experience at Campion Hall

Alumnus presenting to group of people in Chiapas

Life after Campion Hall

Campion Hall is a conducive home for those who wish to use their mind for the greater good and helping those at the margins of society. Our students have continued their life’s work, either in academia or in society, focusing on areas as diverse as refugee studies, linguistics, and ecology.

Their experience at Campion Hall of the Jesuit tradition of dialogue and practical approach to research remains an important part of their life journey.