Our vibrant community is made up of Jesuits, priests and members of other religious congregations, and lay students, fellows, and staff. This unique mix brings a richness and depth to both our work and community life.

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Eating together plays a key role in the community life at Campion Hall. Unlike many other colleges with a “high table” tradition, mealtimes at Campion Hall feels more like an academic family dinner, where students sit together with the Master, Fellows, academic visitors, and guests around smaller tables.

Our egalitarian seating fosters a culture of encounter, where different disciplines, cultures, and faiths meet and new insights and broader perspectives are formed. Our students greatly value the opportunity to engage with and learn from those outside their academic fields.

“Some of the best conversations happen at the dinner table. I have never been to a Campion Hall dinner where it hasn’t ended up in an intense discussion. My research has really been enriched by the conversations around the table.”

-- Bethany, Research Fellow

Master of Campion presiding at Mass


Mass is a focal point in the liturgical life of the Jesuit community at Campion Hall. A weekly Jesuit Community Evening is held on Mondays in the main chapel for members of the Hall and resident guests. During the rest of the week Mass is celebrated in the Campion Chapel and visitors are welcome to participate. Sunday Mass is available in the Catholic Chaplaincy, located next door to Campion Hall.

Members from secular and other religious backgrounds are all warmly welcome to attend.


The Common Room

Reflecting the egalitarian atmosphere of the Hall, there is only one physical Common Room, shared by Students and Fellows. This room is a comfortably furnished space that provides a relaxed atmosphere to take a break from work, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, and catch up with friends.

Students meet as the Middle Common Room (MCR) several times a term, to discuss matters of common interest. Social and educational events are also organised, including exchanges with MCRs from other Colleges. The current MCR President is Rodrigo De La Flor.

People socialising in Common Room