Founded by the Society of Jesus in 1896, Campion Hall is one of six Permanent Private Halls at the University of Oxford. The Hall opened originally for the benefit of Jesuit undergraduates, but is now home to a thriving international community of graduate students, Fellows, and staff from diverse backgrounds and faiths.

Painting of Madonna

Campion Art Collection

Campion Hall’s remarkable art collections are mostly due to the inspiration of one man, Fr Martin D’Arcy (1888-1976), who was the Master of the Hall for a long period in the mid-twentieth century. D’Arcy resolved to fill the hall with art whose primary purpose was (and is) to promote dialogue. It is also a collection that aimed to communicate something of what it meant to be English, Catholic, and a Jesuit. There are portraits of the Catholic Stuarts, one of the finest assemblies of baroque religious art in England, and works of art related to the activities of the Jesuits worldwide, from Ibero-America to the Far East.