Who can apply to Campion Hall?

We welcome men and women from all backgrounds who wish to read for a postgraduate degree at the University of Oxford. 


What courses can I study at Campion Hall?

The Hall welcomes applicants from a wide variety of disciplines. Its resources are best suited to students in the Humanities and Social Sciences, particularly those working on theological, philosophical, ecological, political, and ethical topics.


How do I apply to Campion Hall?

You must apply through the University of Oxford following the process described on our application process overview, and nominate Campion Hall as your first choice college.


Do I have to participate in Mass?

For many, Mass is an important part of liturgical life at Campion Hall. While everyone is warmly invited to participate, this is not a requirement. Some members choose to attend regularly while others go once in a while or participate in the choir. The Chapel is open to all Hall members as a place of community, prayer, and reflection.    


What is a Permanent Private Hall? How does it differ from a regular college?

The University of Oxford has 45 colleges and halls. This includes six permanent private halls (PPHs), which were founded by various Christian denominations and still retain their religious character.

Campion Hall is the Jesuit PPH in the University of Oxford, founded in 1896 by the Society of Jesus. The Jesuits are known throughout the world for their Higher Education institutions and for their commitment to rigorous research in diverse disciplines. The Jesuit mission today is an outward-looking one, of a ‘faith that does justice’. Jesuits seek to advance dialogue with other religions and diverse cultures. Campion Hall is a close-knit community of Jesuits and people from diverse backgrounds who resonate with the Jesuit humanistic approach to life and learning.

There is little operational difference between PPHs and other colleges. Members of Campion Hall enjoy the same privileges as those of other colleges. 


What accommodation is available for students?

The majority of our graduate students are provided with onsite accommodation for the duration of their study. See our accommodation page for more information.


Do I have to live on-site?

You are not required to live on-site if you wish to make your own accommodation arrangements. We have students who live offsite but participate fully in seminars, events, liturgy, meals, and other more social aspects of Hall life.