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At the Newman Lecture at Campion Hall in 2018, the Chancellor, Lord Patten, spoke:

"Why bother, some ask, to study and research the humanities? Why do I cherish the work at this university of all those academics whose work on literature, history, music, philosophy, classics, theology, foreign languages and so on does not obviously add to British capacity to innovate, to our national productivity or our GDP? The answer is simple. We must support the humanities because we are human. Because they provide us with a fuller understanding of our world and of one another."

In various ways, Campion Hall's students and fellows are continuing the Hall’s outstanding tradition of engagement with the humanities in the attempt to promote ‘all things human’.



Women in Turkey making flatbreads

Dr Pamela Armstrong

I am Senior Research Fellow in Byzantine Archaeology at Campion Hall. In addition to Landscape Archaeology, I am interested in ecclesiastical and monastic history and my research involves applying both textual analysis and material culture together to reach conclusions.

Associated Fellows

Dr Pamela Armstrong

Professor Peter Davidson

Professor Vincent Gillespie

Professor Gerard Kilroy

Professor Jane Stevenson

Professor Michael Suarez, SJ

Mr Lucas Uggias

Revd Dr Antoni Ucerler, SJ