09:30 - 19:00
Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy

Christian Literary Imagination Conference

Four distinguished speakers will give papers and lead a discussion on aspects of the Christian Literary Imagination.

What is the Christian Literary Imagination and how is it manifested in writers from the medieval period to the modern age? Is it something which is consciously espoused by some writers, but unconsciously manifested in the writings of others who happen to be influenced by a Christian culture? Our speakers will offer their perspectives on this issue.


Rowan Williams (former Archbishop of Canterbury)
Bonnie Lander Johnson (University of Cambridge)
Timothy Radcliffe (Blackfriars, University of Oxford)
Julia Lamm (Georgetown University)

There will also be a book launch of Christian Shakespeare: Question Mark, a collection of essays, published by Vernon Press.

Refreshments and lunch are provided free for all attendees.

This event is sponsored by Georgetown University, Washington D.C. and is run in association with Campion Hall and Blackfriars Hall Oxford.


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