Dr Mårten Björk

Associate Fellow


After having completed his doctorate in Theology and Sciences of Religion in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Jewish and Christian ideas on politics and immortality during the Weimar Period, Mårten has been involved in a series of research projects.

In his first postdoc project, conducted at Campion Hall, he probed the emergence of theological and metaphysical themes in contemporary discussions on consciousness. In 2020 he was awarded a project on “The End of Lawby the Swedish Research Council and he is also part of a transdisciplinary research project on apocalypticism: “At the End of the World”. 

His research interests are eschatology, political and historical theology, metaphysics and the philosophy of mind and nature. In his book, The Politics of Immortality in Rosenzweig, Barth and Goldberg, Mårten examined the intersection between the discussion on immortality and politics during the period between 1914 and 1945. By analyzing the work on immortality by the Jewish philosopher of religion Franz Rosenzweig, the Swiss Reformed theologian Karl Barth and the Jewish scholar of myth Oskar Goldberg he showed how these thinkers conceptualized eternal life in response to the rise of fascism and the horrors of modern war.